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12 years ago, a pair of teenagers in sunny Singapore found 2 rabbits hopping around their estate. They were bedraggled, mite-infested and thin. They took them in, housed them, fed them and got them groomed. They were named Adam and Eve. Little did this pair of teenagers know how apt the names were, because they soon had a garden-ful of bunnies and a room full of chinchillas!

Upon graduation,these teens realised there was no way they could care for their babies in the way that they wanted them to be cared for and juggle a full time job at the same time. The idea of Pets Republic was conceived in a small toilet whilst scrubbing down cages as a self-sustaining, temporary solution that grew into something much bigger than this teenage couple had ever imagined.

TK frontage
The flagship outlet during its humble beginnings!

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Pets Republic (circa 2006) started out as a small animal concept store in the residential heart of the East Coast. 10 years, 2 new stores and numerous transformations later, we have diversified into providing grooming and boarding services for our dog and cat pet-trons as well.

We strive to be an integrated pet hub that provides a holistic pet experience to all who walk through our doors. Balancing quality with price, we aim to be a store that serves one and all.

The Pets Republican ethos is one that strives to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction from both human patron and furry pet-trons alike. And we do this with our small but dynamic and close-knit team!

Say hi to us when you pop by….

Jevons AvatarJevon

 Jevon terrorizes the pets and staff alike in our shops with his OCD (obsessive-compulsive) eagle eye and exuberant affection for the little critters. His favourite activities when he is not number crunching and driving to the furthest corners of the island to make sure your pets have their food, includes assessing our pets’ welfare and discovering dusty corners.

Lifan Avatar


Founding the pet shop immediately after she  graduated from university at the flagship store in Telok Kurau, Lifan has picked up diverse skills along the way including grooming, annoying her pet cats and analyzing all types of pets poop.



Lynns Avatar.pngLynn

Having had all sorts of pets, large and small, her entire life, Lynn ensures everyone is well-taken care of in her ‘hood – be they your furkids, our furkids, her minions, the stray cats roaming about or your kids roaming about (ok, not quite.) She is partial to pugs, bulldogs and anyone who brings her noms when they pop by!

Joannes Avatar.jpg Joanne

 When she’s not making your furkid look like a literal fluff ball with her silver scissors, Joanne spends her days making friends with the dogs at shelters and choosing the freshest greens to pamper her oversized guinea pig, Kody, with.



Aydan Avatar.jpgAydan

With his huge heart and wandering feet, Aydan is passionate about helping and caring for the disadvantaged animals and people he comes across in the various countries he visits. Especially knowledgeable about hamsters and bunnies, he intends to earn his first million by setting up an portal where he can share his knowledge, at some point in time. (You heard it here first.)

Kaitings Avatar

Sunnie Yang

Much like her pet bunny Cupcake, Sunnie doesn’t have much downtime and is always excited to meet new furpals. Working the floor on most weekends in the west, Sunnie is at her happiest when the furkids under her charge go back smelling as good as a bed of roses!


Zhiqi Avatar.jpg(Ms.) ChiChi

Ms. Chichi de-stresses daily by working out with her pet spitz Pudding, scouring the internet for videos of animals she can laugh at and holding long existential conversations with the furkids who walk through our doors. Pudding also does much the same things (except that he works out by sitting on her) – that’s why they are total BFFs and kindred spi(ri)tz.

Eunice AvatarEunice

With a SKC Class A Technical Award and a second place trophy DGA Class A certification under her very experienced groomer smock, amongst other awards, Eunice’s scissoring skills never fails to impress customers. More impressive though, is her love and care for even the most aggressive of dogs. Though she has groomed many exotic breeds from the famed Tibetan Mastiff to Bedlington Terriers, this quirky, kooky gem of a groomer counts mongrels as her favourite breed!

hayley avatar.jpgHayley

Don’t be deceived by her tiny stature, this small girl routinely makes dogs twice her size jump when she snaps her fingers! An experienced dog trainer, Hayley is a strong believer in tough love and the importance of rehabilitation of dogs with behavioral issues.



Lovel Avatar cropped.jpg Lovel

From grooming to showing, Lovel has extensive experience with all things furry. Her passion shines through in her detail to attention as well as her willingness to keep learning, despite her years in the industry.



Gigi Avatar cropped


Marine biologist in training by day, pet shop girl by night, Gigi loves the animals of the earth. The pets under her care appreciate her gentle care, quirky sense of humour and huge dollops of love .


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