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Grooming is essential to a healthy, clean and happy pet. No matter the size and temperament of your furkid, the team of groomers at Pets Republic are always happy to help you keep their coats well-maintained and pretty with regular follow ups, safe techniques and a comfortable environment.

Here are some of the furkids we groom regularly, and what their pawrents have to say!


Evelyns corgis frame   “Regular customer with them – almost a decade?! Have grooming packages for both my corgis as I like their care for my doggies– Evelyn Yee, owner of Coffee and Honey




Michelle cat framed

“I have been sending Mia ( a Persian cat) since 4 months old. The service is impeccable. I often call last minute and they would try to accommodate by picking and sending Mia for grooming. It’s a one stop shop for me as they would also provide products for grooming and her other needs.” – Michelle Lim, owner of Mia



Mavis bunnies framed“Love the pet grooming at Pets Republic! My bunnies never fail to come back smelling absolutely heavenly after their grooming sessions at PR – especially when Jevon is the one handling them. His shampooing (and massage) skill is top notch and he must have taken a lot of effort to ensure every single strand of fur is cleaned and coated! Thumbs up! I blame him though, as I look like a maniac sniffing at my bunnies all the time for up to 2 weeks. Heh heh. Also, the service at PR is always personal. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and the staff are never pushy with sales.” Mavis Leong, owner of Stewy, Sundae & Dusty

Vicky gps 3

“The team at Pet Republic have been grooming Eddie and George since they were baby pigs. They do a fabulous job with attention to every grooming detail such as eyes, teeth and nails. Most importantly the team have developed wonderful trusting relationships with my boys and I wouldnt let anyone else in Singapore touch them. They come home happy and beautiful.” – Victoria Toy, owner of Georgie, Eddie & Narnia



bruno framed



“My cocker spaniel, Bruno is a regular, satisfied, happy furry customer. He has been groomed by them since the day he was adopted in 2014. The owner and staff are caring and always ready for us when we need them Pets Republic is like his second home”  – Renne Chan, owner of Bruno

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Click here for the full suite of grooming services we provide for your doggie furkid.

Click here for the full suite of grooming services we provide for your kitties, bunnies, guinea pigs and chinchillas.