International Pet Travel

Nobody really wants to leave a beloved pet behind (unless you are a complete douche, yeap, we said that) because pets are family.

Dog and woman apartment

Yet, the prices, the associated hassle and even the risks of transporting your furkid from one country to another can be absolutely prohibitive. Or maybe, you are just not comfortable with leaving your furkid in the hands of someone whom you are not sure really loves animals.

We get it.

aeroplane.jpgWe have assisted many of our customers send their pets overseas – from Malaysia, Australia to Taiwan and even Saudi Arabia. And back in to Singapore again!

We ensure we cover all the bases. Not just the paperwork – sure, that’s really, really important, but with our expertise in handling and grooming pets, we ensure your pets are also physically, emotionally and mentally prepared for what is, inevitably, going to be a highly stressful journey.

Our holistic international pet travel package includes

  • import permit
  • export permit
  • vet papers
  • pet cargo space
  • flight-appropriate crates & other accessories
  • seamless transportation from your home to the airport

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Domestic Pet Travel

It’s the wee hours of the morning and you have been up all night because your little munchkin has not been well. And you can tell he’s not well – he’s sitting quietly, he’s not taking his favourite treat. Or maybe, he’s throwing up. You have been worried sick and you only want morning to come so you can rush him to your vet once it opens.

When daylight breaks, you leap for your phone and dial the cab company. You also specify that you have a dog with you. You are put on hold for 5 minutes, then 10, then 20 – no cabs will take you.

Does this sound familiar?

Whether it is a visit to the vet’s or a pet playdate gathering at a park, logistics can be a nightmare when owning a pet in Singapore.

dog in car.jpg

This is where we come in. We take pets around the island for various purposes. Our friendly pet transport team are more than happy to accommodate your requests.

The vehicles we use to transport your pets are routinely cleaned out and disinfected, so you can count on them getting to wherever they need to go in a hygienic and safe environment.

Rates depend on the distance travelled, the size of your pet, response time required and waiting time (if any).

Do give us a call for a more accurate quotation!